Reviews for "Tank Attack"

its allright...

you can infact move with W,A,S,D wich many people did not understand because you did not put that in the instructions. it gets really boring pretty damn fast i was on stage 5 and i was just like screw it overall i think the gameplay was nice graphics were pretty good addictiveness was a bit lower for me audio was a nice loop not enough guns needs maybe some new tanks but overall it was pretty good

didnt work

It skipped through a load of random screens, and ended up for about 5 seconds with it saying "well done you escaped from the horde of enemies" so i went "wtf was that?"

crappy game

good idea but needs a new layout because your just trapped in open area getting pulverized

Could be better: unfair

This game doesn't stand out to me very much, just a basic shooting destroy game.
The shop features were nice, as well as the variety of attacks. The controls were easy to use and was decent.
However, I didn't like the game's unfair enemies: what I mean is that with each level it was impossible to not get hit due to the fact that an extra cannon was added to an enemy each level. Blasts were all over the place (make the enemies duration between shots longer).
Due to the fact that you couldn't get hit, you had to waste a lot of money repairing which was also annoying because you couldn't get the higher weapons.
Although this is a small problem, I would also like for the ability to replace the basic weapon. After all, the add more weapons slot is hard to earn and it would be easier to replace it with a cannon or something better.
This game was pretty frustrating and it wasn't very addicting to me. Improve the upgrades next time.


I love how challenging it is, and that there isnt a god weapon where each weapon has its own pros and cons, the balance of the game is quite fun to have, love the "exotic" weapons anyways great make and am hoping you make another one that is alittle longer though u_u. But a 10/10 is deserved.