Reviews for "Tank Attack"


This was a very well made and highly entertaining game it took me quite a while to beat the game but it was well worth the time.

Pros: Many unique and interesting weapons
-Few bugs and glitches
-The audio is good
-It is highly addictive

Cons: -Some of the 4th tier weapons were too weak
-The boss at the end is slightly too powerful
-getting money is tedious

Over all this is a great game. I hope you will make a sequel



Yeah, make it longer, maybe a storyline to go with, otherwise a good game.


The boss on Stage 17 sucks horribly. I had a fully charged laser and it still killed me, very tough game, but the only way I'd play it again is if it had medals.

very tough but very well done.


it got to difficult to fast,otherwise good game


u wasted ur time dude