Reviews for "Tank Attack"

eh, unbalanced

Yet another example of a game that gets old after 5-7 levels. You made the difficulty go up too quickly, you made certain upgrades GROSSLY expensive, and you introduced new enemies too quickly.

ill pass until you make a new version.

mofunzone responds:

Hmm... the game is actually not that hard, perhaps you didn't invest correctly? Either way, thanks for playing.


I like it.


i usually don't like games like this since they become very repetitive very fast but in this cam i actually enjoy it for the time i played it

mofunzone responds:

Welcome to the dark side (gaming world) :P

Thanks for playing

Thank you!

I had little doubt mofunzone would let me down! Anyway, this is a really good game. It may have been repetitive and increasingly hard, but it was still a very enjoyable experience as the graphics were cool-looking, not to mention it's fun to see those enemies' health bars slowly go down as I blow them up!

mofunzone responds:

Thanks for believing in MFZ! Let me know if/how we can improve our games, and I promise we'll take your suggestions seriously!


hope this gets past judgement!
big fan of your site btw!!

mofunzone responds:

Thanks man! :)
Please contact me anytim!