Reviews for "Tank Attack"

Great idea, but had a disappointing gameplay.

I liked the idea of this game, although the gameplay had a bit of flaws. First of all, what I think everybody has a problem with, is that it is too difficult. I like a challenging game, don't get me wrong, but this game was just too hard to really have fun. You really had to choose between calculating where to fire, and how to dodge a bunch of bullets. One of the most annoying things was that the tank just stops randomly during gameplay. this is a glitch, but this can't possibly have been overlooked. This ruined the already difficult gameplay. I don't understand the reviews on the aiming feature. I felt that the aiming was fine, you just had to know where to fire and when. However, I did not like how things were really expensive. It would have been fine if every tank dropped gold, but things were too hard to get for just a chance of getting gold from each tank. I believe the difficulty jumped way too quickly from each level. Level one was easy, while level 2 wasn't that hard. But level 3-6 were super hard. I couldn't buy many upgrades since I used all my gold on repairs. Anyway, I think this game had a lot of potential, but tune down the difficulty next time.

~Lizard Troop~


Man! I cant get past lvl 17 boss :S This game is addictevely boring.... why am I giving a ten? because its challenging and even though you're bored, you still wanna get the upgrade weapons!

Average run of the mill...

Your average run of the mill tank game. Graphics are soso, upgrades are decent and is a fun little time waster but nothing more.

Yah I dislike it.

The one dude with the really detailed post made this sound like a real turd. It's not a turd for sure. It's a fairly decent arena shooter with some issues. The things I didn't like were: continue from battle rather than from shop, although the continue system was pretty lenient in letting you keep all your money, it meant you were kinda fucked if you didn't buy the right stuff.
I really hated the confusion ray boss. As the guy below pointed out correctly, you only have to be in the general vicinity of the ray to get hit, and once you get hit once it's pretty much lights out, since there's no way of knowing when it's gonna switch back, and everything is flashing manically in a way that could bring someone out of a coma directly into an epileptic fit, and give them a heart attack at the same time.
And srsly, left handed people, quit whining. You have 3 reasonable options if you don't like the control scheme. Learn to be right handed like I did even though I was born left handed, don't play the game, or -gasp- move the fucking keyboard so you can press the wasd keys with your right hand. It isn't motherfucking rocket science. Whining is not a reasonable option. And anyway, you'd still have to press 1234 to select weapons, so arrow keys wouldn't help much with that.


great game great difficulty i love the weapons and the tank concepts keep it coming