Reviews for "Tank Attack"

great fun

only pronlem is that there is a really steep learning curve


liked it but it is too hard for me



awesome game

cant get past the lvl 17 boss though..... maybe make him not confuse you or not release the stalker bombs.

One too many glitches.

It's not a bad game, but I noticed a few issues off the bat. It bothered me that when it said to reload, I couldn't simply hold down the mouse and fire at a reduced rate, and furthermore had to release to load at all. And there were sometimes that I noticed my area of effect shots had to be in just the right spot to do damage.(which isn't really the point when you're using area of effect) All of this was fine though....

Until I hit the damn boss who had mines, a beam that did damage and reversed your keys, and tracking bombs. All of which never had to actually hit you. No it seems that your tank feels bad when the big tank misses, and decides to hurt itself. EMO TANKS ARE NOT FUN!
If I blow up I'd like it to be from things that actually hit me!

Good day sir!