Reviews for "Tank Attack"

pretty challenging

The game pretty challenging though I'm like a fool in the start since I didn't know that you can move the tank around, I don't know if I missed but you should have explained the controls a little bit since you explained the others at start. Starting from stage 3, it's really a challenge and I like how the tank reflects the attack. The shop is just fine imo though if the tanks where upgradable, it could have been much more better :) The graphics are just fine though you can also improve on it. The sounds, well, need work, ^^. Good work, keep it up

Pretty cool.

A pretty fun game, really easy at first, but gets difficult quick, I didn't really find anything wrong with it.


Alright Robocode. LoL I could tell just by the title, but I liked it. The shop thing was a nice addition to it and the progressive levels thing was expected. Overall a good job. Nice art and smooth animation. Pretty good soung effects. Nice game if I was bored or at school or work LoL.


good game gt to lvl 17 boss cudnt be bothered to retry the upgrades should be cheaper for the guns

Needs some more love.

The idea behind this game is great, because you get to upgrade a tank and customize it in a way, at least until the enemies get so harsh that you MUST buy every upgrade to survive.
One problem I'd like to outline is the agility of the controls; while moving you cannot change weapons.
Also some of the weapons need to be reworked on, would be nice if you could upgrade the strength of weapons too, because even the strongest laser isn't much use in the late levels.
All in all, somewhat feels like a repeat of bubble tank, except that the tank doesn't change appearance, only its attributes do.