Reviews for "Tank Attack"

ah yes dis is a good fighta in a tin can

very unique kind of gameplay but it does get hard when they swarm yeh... ill help those people who know not what to do i suggest get the exotic weapon tier 1 first it helps alot at masses of enemies

anyways overall 9/10 -1 for possibly most levels hard to doge bullets and massed fleets of tanks on one

mofunzone responds:

Thanks for playing rahx1! Always good to read a real gamer's review!


Challanging, but fun.

Anyone who says this is too hard... well they just suck. Lol.

nothing special

isnt that good.. its quite difficult and can be very tedious. not much thought put into the enemys either.

Ehh... ok..

Was fun, but got boring after a few minutes.

pretty good

I managed to get pretty damn far with just max speed and the tier 1 exotic 360 shot.
Just circled the perimeter and waited for them all to die. it takes a lil bit for them to start dieing off but once the first one blows up you know the rest are about to fall.

pretty easy once you have a good tactic.