Reviews for "Tank Attack"

Has 2 things

Very intimidating updates feauture
Very umbalanced

I also found the bug with lazor which can click thousand times per minute by saying "loading:

ASAP updates should be:
Drastically decrease the loading time of weapons
Fix the "hold click to fire" shit thing for rockets/shots w.e

Next updates:
Add engines system (armor/life regeneration/reloading regeneration etc)
Add multiplayer? :P

Become godlike flash game?



I found and exploit that when you kill all enemies but one in the wave then buy something cheap then die and you'll have all the money that was left when you died

Gets boring very quickly

Gets boring quickly as what, but besides that its enjoyable.


Get's a bit repetitive

finished it!

the final boss was damn hard! but with the right weapons ye can win it! i noticed the canons were useless but the 4th tier cannon is a monster weapon! used it on the final boss!

good job! you should've made more variety in terms of enemies... instead of making the old looking ones stronger...