Reviews for "Tank Attack"

Very fun game!!!

very fun, very entertaining keep the good work.

Good stuff

Thought it was pretty great. Maybe have an automatic stop time at the end of each round so that you buy stuff....I understand you can do it whenever you want but it would be a nice break point.

Thanks for the game!

mofunzone responds:

I thought it would be better for the user to take break anytime, rather than force them, but thanks for your opinion and for playing the game!!! cheers

infinite laser!!

you can get infinite laser by clicking fast or not and even if they say:RELOADING,you can still click fast or not and have infinite laser


That was o.k but why is it so hard, you should be able to recover health...


Getting swarmed out there! Great game, great colours - finally... I can see the bullets coming at me!
Great fun!