Reviews for "Mad Mad Mario"

pretty lame

i gave it a one because it sucked and the only part i thought was funny was when he called bowser a fat fuck and hes like "im fat?"

disapointing : (

nothing but rubish cursing doesnt make a video good it only shows the lack of effort put in to this, cursing is unoriginal they're many other ways that can make a video funny without the requirment of vulgarity. try to be original next time and not have every sentence contain only cursing


Another mario rant.. how original.


I cant click on the link, it sends me to that advertisement, Ive tried on 3 diffrent browsers..

not funny

I didn't think this was funny at all... and you made me wait until after the credits just so you could tell me to donate to you? You couldn't have put that on the description or on your profile?