Reviews for "Mad Mad Mario"

You watch too much Family Guy

really, this is sad, the whole video is literally one joke, a good joke, but not funny enough to make a whole video out of. Also Bowser sounded like satan from South Park


I have to say I agree with I-ray on this one, these "I'm so pissed of at having to save you all the time" animations are getting very boring, There all the same...
Try putting in something different next time, no offence,
although, it wouldn't be fair to give you no rating, the voices were good.


Profantic language, terrible animation, and one long and strung out joke? And please, don't shoot down my opinion simply because you think you're more capable than me. It doesn't take talent to know when something is of any quality.


I could go into how generic this is.

How played out the entire concept is.

Or even how it's basically THE stereotypical Newgrounds flash.

I could even talk about how it's shit like this that keeps Newgrounds from becoming more than what it currently is and has been for a few years now.

But I'm not going to.

Instead I'm going to ask, why the fuck is there a writer signed on to this?

Was that writing? Is this a story? Was that dialogue?

Hur, now that's not even funny.

Writing is a fucking art form, it's not just some tool for other mediums to abuse.

I don't care if you want to keep making flashes like this, go the fuck ahead. Have fun being mediocre and chained down by someone else's ideals of entertainment and quality.

But don't degrade a respectable craft by calling this "Writing."


Jonnyethco responds:

Well why don't you submit something to Newgrounds since you know so damn much.

Written by Jon Etheridge. :)

thats not funny