Reviews for "Mad Mad Mario"


Dude... I LoL'd so fucking hard at this. Bravo guys, bravo. Keep me informed of any new stuff you submit ;)

Totally understandable.

I would be giving that chick a piece of my mind also if she kept on getting captured. I mean, seriously, learn to fight back! xD


Guess what you´ll be sucking!
My Balls!!!
big lol

Dudes, you just keep pumping out awesome movies!

Appspro & HankandJed, I've seen those two names on a LOT of recent, hilarious, movies.
Short and sweet, and of course, funny as hell. 5/5 I'd donate...but I'm (literally) flat broke. :(
Maybe when I got a buck or two to spare I'll donate, man, but hell I gotta eat, right? -Monkeyman

i literally logged in for this.

hahahahah damn dude....... talk about blunt... props to mario man... seriously..... u beter TELL bowser wassup n***a.