Reviews for "Karate Blazers"

Classic, but still good !

its weird cos only today i was thinkin bout the orginal streetfighter on sega, now i see this game! lol, it could have been really bad, but its not, :) . Uve basically kept everything the same but just made it for the comp.

I like the way it is quite hard, not too bad but hard enough not to complete it first time round. :)

gameplay: 9/10
graphics: 10/10
skill: 10/10
controls: 9/10
overall: 10/10 5/5

EasyRetro responds:

Hey That is a Review !!
Thanks dude.

This is frikken...

...Streets of Rage mixed with Double Dragon. I hope this flash is legit because it rules.

EasyRetro responds:

You got it !

Nice port, makes me feel like when i was younger!


EasyRetro responds:

hehe, stay tuned, more ports coming soon


From a guy who grew up playing beat em ups like Final Fight..... Thank you! This game is wicked cool. Totally captures everything that the old school beat em ups were. Thanks for the rad game!

awesome game

u have good idea but y do all most all the charters look gay.