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Reviews for "Rise of the Brotherhood 3"


This was rele nice that cliffhanger ending had me going

Also is that mix of ryu theme on new grounds or another sight?
(The song during the scene with ashura sonic and amy)


if you've ever seen super mario bros z this just so close that i would almost call both breath taking

One complant

You need a pause button.

Milanous responds:

No flash has a pause button I'm afraid lol

Epic Pure Epicness

This is epic i love this but some of the voice acting is muffled work on that also you never edited the giltch part out of ashura you might want to do that if he lives oh is knuckles gonna make a apperence that would be cool

Milanous responds:

Knuckles shall be in it if PsyGuy still wants to voice him as was intended. Might wanna talk to him about it lol. Glad you enjoyed it, I'll work on it

I have a thing to help you

Maybe in one of these episode you could get sonic to transform into super sonic

Milanous responds:

Let the story build They need all 7 chaos emeralds for that.