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Reviews for "Rise of the Brotherhood 3"

Adenturous and Dramatic!

One of the few videos I've seen that doesnt need one touch of comedy to be one of the most epic I've seen. This is great!

Too bad!

He could be a great Nobody! Goodbye... Number 20, Shaurax!

Once again...

Another sonic series with intelligence and a good plotline goes ignored, un- rewarded, and has never recieved the front page. I know that feeling. Great work by the way, loved it.

Milanous responds:

Wow coming from you that means alot to me. Thank you.


Wow, I am on a role today in terms of seeing the best stuff this website has to offer. I enjoyed every minute of watching this, and couldn't help but be drawn in by the deep storyline. You didn't just have some great action scenes, but you had real character development. There is dimension in everybody's voice and will (I would just love to do a voice in this thing!). The sprite work is done pretty masterfully as well. I knew that if I watched this long enough, I was going to give a 10 to an entry in it.

This has everything you could want in a great cartoon and more. I just want to thank everybody for all of the effort and emotion that was truly put into this masterpiece.