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Reviews for "Rise of the Brotherhood 3"


emm while amy and sonic were snoging the emreleds where getting stolen! bloddy hell! lol!

last song

i cant remember its name.

Few spelling errors within the subtitles.

Always remember, if you're going to add subtitles, don't half do it.

The story is moving along nicely, not as smoothly, but at least it's found its pace. The action is ok, though it seems simple at times, not to mention we've seen the dbz-style sprites fights plenty of times so it's always nice to see something tha stands out. The Sonic and Amy part was a nice touch, though it's timing felt off.

I keep finding myself cringing at BlazingGamer's voice acting. Nothing against it personally, though he just sounds tired, that un-enthusiasm doesn't do Sonic any justice.


What happened to their guns? But no, they have to charge at the old hedgehog with a biag-ass sword that woops their ass. All they need to do is open fire, right? =/

Milanous responds:

Thats addressed in Part 4


noooooo! *cries*