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Reviews for "Rise of the Brotherhood 3"


OH NO!!!!!!!!!

very good, but.........

i agree with the previous reviewer on the voice acting, it's not that it was horrible though. that i don't agree with. it's the "quality" of it. i know not everyone has access to a recording studio with high end voice track equipment, but the story deserves every detail to not be overlooked. i contribute to various radio shows and have done promotions at clubs in the past and i can tell you from experience that quality is half the battle when it comes to the actual product. if it sounds like it was recorded on a cheap laptop mic or a usb boom mic then, it's not enough. my advice to you guys is to get in a studio with your written lines, rehearse them till you're sick of saying them, then lay them down and dub that shit into the animation and you've got a perfect submission!! i've never been good at doing this stuff myself, but i've been watching ng from the beginning and i know a good artist when i see em!! all of your parts just need that "quality" sound like i said. don't want to sound like a broken record but..........quality over quantity!! i'll wait longer to download to watch if it takes more room to add good audio and i'm sure other fans of your series would as well!!

ok, done rambling!! good stuff yo!! really!!


Not bad but the voice acting is terrible

Milanous responds:

Message me about that in detail. I honestly would like to know, which are bad. Only way i'll learn


i just have one question, did ashura and amy share a kiss or something or have they been dating ever since sonic came back im a little confused....

R.I.P Ashura

1997-2009: Ashura was a great fellow and a great brother.He has been one of the best warriors in Mobius.He may have gotten a bit jelaous when he saw Amy and Sonic kissing but he saved both of them in the end. "RUN!!" were his final words.Rest In Peace...Ashura...