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Reviews for "Rise of the Brotherhood 3"

Great Video!

I love all the videosthis was the best. I cant wait for part 4.Yoyr doing a great job! Keep it up you have my support!

I'm glad to have even a probability

I'm glad to have even a probability that I too might be a part of the next episode...
This is a great series...The work has improved so much from episode 1 that even addictedtoflash would have nothing to pick at...

<.< No funny line this time, GOOD STUFF!

As always, one heck of a cast, great storyline that just seems to keep getting better! I read a review where someone said that they didn't much care for the intro, and while I respect their view on it, me I think (IMO) that it really set the mood for the whole movie. I mean it kind of gave you that feel that something big was gonna happen this time, and it did! As for your sprite animation, I think it is getting even better, I mean if you are walking into this here for the first time you can't tell, but seeing it from the very start when you made Sonic origins, you can really tell!

I know you have been working hard these pass few months trying to get ROTB3 out and I have to say it was totally worth the wait! Very glad you waited and keep the same Voice acting crew, they are all really great! After seeing ROTB3 and the story is going, all I can say is take the time you need to get what you need done for part 4, heck you seem to always give us your best, so I don't think us having to wait for it when it is ready is too much to ask. Keep up the good work!

Good job, asual!

Good job! Yet another great installment in the ROTB series!
I'm proud to be a part of your vision, Milanious.
I look forward to working with you on the next episode.

Not bad at all.

Don't see much room for imporvement other than more practice in manipulating sprites and grinding out the scratchy animation. As always the story line and the actual script is very well done and the different perspective on Sonic's origins is always interesting. Everyone including myself has different views of how Sonic actually got started heh, always fun to see the other varieties.

I hope to see the next part of the story much better refined, great work bud. :)