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Reviews for "Rise of the Brotherhood 3"

No Subject

Just felt to slow for my taste, it didn't happen to truly catch my eye and the story suffered greatly because of that. Particularly those tender moments with Sonic and Amy.

To, Movie-like. Work on the speech anims. to.

I liked it.

Milanous responds:

Yeah I tried to work on on it for the next one.


Just whoa.

I love ur work but...

This is why I hate watching great work mixed w/ the chars we love and fan made chars. Sonic lil brother is F""Kin over powered like he'z Optimus in Transformers 2(Which theres nothing wrong w/) <He'z jus runnin tru Metallix but Sonic can barely kill 2, that agravates da hell outta me> but seriously, either give Sonic more strength or power down ur chars. ur makin Sonic look like a chump n hypin up ur own chars. Regarless it was tightwork,

Milanous responds:

I'm glad you picked up on that plot point. That does indeed have some relevance which becomes the focus of a plot later on.

so good i will have to make my own word.

its good-maz-big-ing

That's just wrong

Amy was ready to tell Sonic about Ashura and her. Then amy says forget. And By the way good story line