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Reviews for "~SW~ Dreamland Chronicles"

This is a beautifully made instrumental.

~Keep up the good work man, beautiful music.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey, thanks!

Spent a lot of time working on this to make sure it was really, REALLY good.

"~Keep up the good work man, beautiful music."
I plan to. :D In fact, got another song in the works already... though it's still fairly in the beginning stages.

Alright I'm starting to worry that the character limit will not be enough for me to express the amount of badassery that this track has. It is SO good. I love it, seriously. I have a few nitpicks, and I'll be pointing out very VERY nitpicky mixing faults as I go along reviewing this, but don't mind those. The big picture is this: it is absolutely AWESOME. Brilliant work dude, and I'm not saying this to suck up to you for all the reviews you've given me. You know I'm honest when it comes to this stuff!

I'll write a timed review for this one since it's a long song. Hoping to fit in the limit.

0:00 - Best intro ever. It's a bit typical for that 'progressive ambient'-like feel but it works so well. Love that little cymbal hit (?) with delay on it and an ever so subtle flanger.

0:14 - Lovely mallet sound (or whatever that is). Very soothing. Somehow this part reminds me pretty heavily of Fuego96's intro to his track FL Chan from the default FL Studio Cool Stuff. Wonderful progression from then on.

0:24 - Again with the flanger on a reverse cymbal. Nice touch. I love how the guitar comes in and the soft drum beat works very well, ESPECIALLY those ride cymbal rolls which work so well with the guitar.

0:49 - Wow, snaps. Love them. And the pad in the background is awesome. Chords are nice.

1:12 - Brilliant rise in volume of the arpeggio thing. And then you introduced the drum beat again? Genius touch. Also, I know the bass came in earlier but I really noticed it shining in this part, so I think it's fitting to mention here that the bass sounds very cool. I think it could do with a bit more of a volume boost though so I can hear its notes a bit more clearly.

1:36 - Wow, very good transition. You smoothly fit two entirely different sections together. I think the secret behind it is how you kept the swooshing sound going for the whole transition and then fading in the elements of the next section. It's temporarily combining different elements from both sections together for a brief period, and it works.

2:04 - Alright, here is where the mixing and I start not getting along. Again the mid frequencies are way too heavy. Commence amateur lecture on mixing that may or may not help...

You know, what I do to achieve clarity is avoid mid frequencies. In fact, if you look at my EQ on every instrument, you'll notice that the mid frequencies are turned down on nearly each one. This applies mainly for orchestral, but this part is orchestral-themed anyway...

Most orchestral instruments are inherently heavy on mid frequencies, namely strings. As a result, I find that if I leave every orchestral instrument of mine without an EQ on then the whole song sounds too mid-heavy. That's why in every EQ I do I always turn down the mid-frequencies.

Then, depending on the instrument I boost/lower the high or low end. Usually for brighter instruments like flutes and piano, or instruments I want in the foreground, I turn up the higher frequencies a little, and for depth instruments I turn up the lower frequencies. That way you get both depth and clarity without having the instruments fight for frequencies.

Also, unfortunately your samples aren't very good. This part has a REALLY cool melody. I love it. Has an Irish-like feeling to. However the samples (and mixing) are making it not realise its full potential. The snare especially sounds bad. It sounds too dull and doesn't have any liveliness and brightness to it at all. That said, I know for a fact that if you had better samples, you'd make this part sound amazing.

3:59 - Such a good transition. From then on, it goes back to the chill ambient theme it had at the beginning with a few very much welcomed reiterations of the woodwind instrument. I love the mellow lead guitar, and the melodies it's playing are fantastic. Is that the blues scale you're using?

5:59 - I love love LOVE this little drum fill here. Absolutely excellent.

Anyway I need to cut this review short. I wanted to mention a lot more stuff but character limit isn't permitting :(. Overall, *excellent* work!

SkyeWint responds:

Hi hi hi hi hi!

Yaaaaaaaaay, a review! :D And long, as well as packed with juicy little tidbits everywhere. I shall respond!

"cymbal hit (?)"
It's, uh... this little metal effect sound clang thing that I don't know what it is which I EQed, reverbed, and basically mucked around with for a LONG time to get that sound.

"Lovely mallet sound (or whatever that is)."
...and you called me crazy for mistaking a harp for a piano. That right there is also a harp.

"those ride cymbal rolls which work so well with the guitar."
Worked quite hard on them, it took a lot of effort to get the guitars sounding like that, as well as getting the drums to sound near-realistic with those cymbal rolls.

"I know the bass came in earlier but I really noticed it shining in this part"
Reason why: I had it steadily going up in volume, then going straight up to the standard 80% volume (in FLStudio) right there so it COULD shine. :D Glad you noticed!

"It's temporarily combining different elements from both sections together for a brief period, and it works."
Yep! Though actually, that 'swooshing' wasn't in the first section, though the pad that it's part of is very reminiscent of the first section, particularly since the 'swooshing' is there in a slightly different form with the pad you commented on at 0:49.

"Commence amateur lecture on mixing that may or may not help..."
It does help, though I can't see your EQ on every instrument... xD I don't have access to your project files, SuperStep (Yes, you are SuperStep, because you're one of the few people who actually DESERVES to have "Super" in front of their name). :P

"Also, unfortunately your samples aren't very good."
I know. D: I would LOVE to get better samples, but those are the best orchestral ones I have, since I REALLY doubt you would rather have soundfonts playing that tune, they sound worse than what I put in there! If only I had the resources you had, I would LOVE to have EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Ra, and Stormdrum. That'd be a dream come true for me. Though, Symphonic Orchestra would be the last one I'd get, since the orchestral samples I have, while not good, aren't BAD.

"Such a good transition."
I was amazed that transition worked, to tell the truth. :P

"Is that the blues scale you're using?"
YES. Yes it is. :D I love the blues scale, almost nothing you play on it sounds bad in the key you're using.

"a few very much welcomed reiterations of the woodwind instrument."
Yeah, I actually worked pretty hard on the formatting of this piece.
It goes like this: Intro->A->B->A->C->D->C->A->C->GuitarSolo->B->A->Outro.

...yeah, that's a bit confusing looking at it, but still. xD

Thanks for the great review! :D I rate your review 10/5!

This is one hell of a chill beat(until 2:10)and it keeps itself together throughout the song. I did like the development that happened from the almost smooth jazz at the beginning to the imperial style transition,and then back.

One thing i kinda didn't like was the intensity of the snare in the middle of the song. it was alright for the tone change,but i didn't like it being SO fast,like mile-a-minute. that's the only thing i didn't like though,everything else is spot on.

Review Request Club

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there!

"This is one hell of a chill beat"
At the risk of sounding egotistic, yes. Yes it is. And it was quite fun to make sound almost as if a real drummer were playing it.

The transition between the two different styles was an imperial pain in the arse. I am REALLY glad I managed to pull it off though - took an insane amount of effort, thought, and time to put together.

"One thing i kinda didn't like was the intensity of the snare in the middle of the song"
Understood and agreed, it is one of the weaker parts.

"everything else is spot on."
:D Thanks!

And thanks for the whole review!


Great ambience.

Wow, I love the way that this piece grows and gives fruit to the imagery of my imagination. The bassline, that has little branches of melody growing off it, in the form of percussion and woodwind melody in the early going. Then you move on and get into a faster paced part, as a horse gallops past the tree, suddenly quickening the pace and taking us elsewhere - some sort of Indian Jungle, or perhaps an Arabian Bazaar, for example. Then we are off again, galloping across the landscape, with a sense of renewed urgency. Suddenly, we find ourselves back at the tree of the intro, continuing that journey, through day and night. From this one tree, others grow around it, making an oasis, perhaps even a forest, all from that one source.

I think that the piece should be classified under Ambient, as opposed to Miscellaneous. That's just how it sounds to me. The other change I would have made is not to use the dubstep "stutter" sound in the piece, as that just doesn't seem right in such a piece as this. Almost as if it is too big for my computer to cope with and the track has not downloaded enough, so it stumbles.

[Review Request Club]

SkyeWint responds:

Hey, Coop!

I am glad you like the song! :D That imagery you described... that was really what you thought of? Coooooool, man. Sounds like it was fun to be you while you were listening.
As you probably noticed in the description, I spent an entire month working on this, polishing and fiddling with everything to make sure it's just right. It was a pain, believe me.

Now, the stutter you're talking about - I know about it. It's not the actual song, but an issue with the NG audio player. Several possibilities about why this is happening. 1. It actually hasn't loaded enough (unlikely). 2. You're opening/closing new tabs and/or windows in the same web browser you're using to listen. Not sure if it also happens from external applications.

If you download and listen to it, or aren't surfing the 'net while listening from here, you should be fine! :D

...And the main reason I didn't submit this under ambient was the big orchestral section in the middle. It's also slightly less ambient afterwards, so...

Thanks for the review!

sounds really intresting...i'd love to use this in one of my animations :3

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there! Feel free to! :D 's the other reason I made the size on this smaller than usual (in HQ .mp3 form as you'd find in the adf.ly link, it was about 15-16MB), so people could use it! Use whatever part of it you want!

Glad you find it interesting!