Reviews for "Maximum ToyBoy"

This deserves a much better score

Unfortunately, the average Newgrounder is a 13 year old homophobic boy, even though he has no understanding of homosexuality, so they'll blam you out of fear of their own confusion as to their sexual orientation, as any pre-pubescent teen should be confused if he's healthy.
As for the game, it's excellent, very well done. Congratulations.

awwww those guys are cute

I loved it! Too bad I found the game so late... now I see the game website is not quite working anymore

Let's be realistic!

Hey, I'm not gay and definitely not 13 but 35 :)
Maybe some of the young boys should start looking into "what women wnat"? I can assure you that your future relationships can only benefit from it, either you're gay or not...
I see this toon as a very cleaver way of getting to young people, it has everything it needs, fun, secrets, love, jalousy, intrigue etc...your reviews are its perfect reflexion :).
I'd give it a 9er 'cause nothing's ever perfect. Good job!

Its possible to date Steph? or other females instead of the male characters?
I have no interest in the men in the game.
But yeah I know I am so hot that I attract even men attention. lol
I played the game on the site and it was so funny to play as a psycho girlfriend destroying his clothes and tell him I was gonna kill him or her lol.


1)Allow males characters to be named and have custom appearance. Male players as myself would love to make ourself in the game! and play as a female that they would purpose in life is to impress us lol

2) Make a male version where you can play as the guy to get girls instead.