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Reviews for "Maximum ToyBoy"

This deserves a much better score

Unfortunately, the average Newgrounder is a 13 year old homophobic boy, even though he has no understanding of homosexuality, so they'll blam you out of fear of their own confusion as to their sexual orientation, as any pre-pubescent teen should be confused if he's healthy.
As for the game, it's excellent, very well done. Congratulations.

Are you meant to be a chick or a guy?

This left me confused about my own sexuality...

Standubonnet responds:

Mainly for female audience, but we get a 25% male audience. They are probably there to learn something about the game -- and when I say 'the game' I don't mean Maximum ToyBoy.


Nicely done, but I hate popups.

Standubonnet responds:

popups have been taken out, it was a coding error.

More camp than a row of tents

One of them I want to marry and one of them I wanted to... to... Is there a voiceover version?

i feel gay

and i liked it?!