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Reviews for "MadFleX vs Teqneek"

This is a serious fucking battle. With this format, there is GONNA be some filler on both sides. All the 32/32 battles had it, really you'd have to be terrible at writing concise lyrics, or just have more ammo than Schwarzenegger in order to fill up that much with constant specifics. That said, both Mad and Teq were as specific as can be expected, and both of them came to THIS battle. So really complaining that only one side had filler in this battle and using that as a reason to vote is pretty ridiculous. Learn to listen.

MadFlex is great, denying that leaves your sanity in question. He came with some tight lyrics that would knock out most emcees here. The problem is, I think he wrote his verse to someone who lost to PigPen, and not to someone who had a serious chance to win it all. Mad wrote a lot of his verse making 'clever' Teq-related rhymes that a million other people haven't already done before. This is a cool thing to do if used as a spice, but as the main ingredient it left a bad taste in my mouth. Also saying things about plagiarizing, I've listened to quite a bit of Immortal Technique, but I don't see a lot of similarities. Unless MadFlex just means with the name, in which case that's pretty weak.

Teqneek comes in and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I've never heard him spit a bad verse, but he obviously doesn't have the battle-experience that MadFlex has, and it's hard to know what he might attack. He does a good job ragging on Mad's lack of presence in the competition (even though for a legit reason, this is to be expected). Basically I think Teq did as good of a job ragging on MadFlex as Mad did ragging on Teq.

This is one of those REALLY rare instances where the content is good enough on both sides that I have to resort to flow and rhyme scheme to make my decision. They both flowed quite well, but Mad didn't have the smoothness that he's exhibited in the past.

The decision-maker for me was when Teqneek started in with "I'll smack you back ..." That was so fucking hard-hitting and dope that I can't stop listening to it.

This battle was really close, but I have to give it to Teqneek by a dick-length... I have an extremely miniscule penis :(

AKACCMIOF responds:

Thanks for the breakdown! Long live small penises.

Mickey would stop everything for a gay reference. Even though AxTekk is, most likely, the sexiest man alive.

The battle was definitely a winner...I have it on repeat like a song. Teq is stepping up with every verse, and Flex didn't disappoint, even though he's from an *OLDER* NG generation LMAO (last year!).

However, I'm not voting because Flex pussed out about voting on the grudge match between KillBill and me when he knows I won that shit. ;) So...


AKACCMIOF responds:

You're damn right I am SJD. Damn right.

well i mean i wasnt expecting that MadFleX went pure domination i really like Teqneek and wanna vote for him but come on why challenge the champ?

AKACCMIOF responds:

Yeah, I get where you're coming from. I'm not counting this as a vote for Teq, but if this IS a vote for Teq, PM me and I'll fix that up.

Ay fuck you Pinball Wizard! I really don't think the disparity in wordplay was THAT sizeable, all I noticed was about eight thousands name flips from Flex and a few other decent punches. You guys' unflinching love for MadFlex clouds ya fuckin vision sometimes. Yeah I expected a loss OF COURSE, but I think I held my own and gave him a decent challenge.

The impersonation was funny, I'll definitely give Flex some points for that, but come on- I don't think my flow is that repetitive. I tried changing it up like every 4 bars in this track. It's something I'm working on, but I am who I am and I have my own style. I like my flow so fuck all y'all. I will try to work on some new schemes and shit though.

And fuck Suddle, I'll kill him in every way aside from "flow" or whatever. He is illiterate and everything he says is generic and I hate his guts. Fuck, I'd battle his wack ass if he didn't dick over Rampant like that.

And yp AX- stop tallying the vote total after every comment because it can sway people. I need all the fucking help I can get. If you're gonna do that then just lie and say I'm winning lol.


AKACCMIOF responds:

AHahahahah, oh the things I do for you Teq. I'll stop tallying up, but you SHOULD definitely battle Bummer, that'd be an awesome battle.

This is about as good as an INTERNET battle can be as Flex beast modes on Teqs unoriginal plaid shirt wearing ass. Multi rounds make me puke (ie. week wait between verses). Flex is a good guy, clowns Teq here and I listen to this whenever I want to know the difference between an argyle pattern and a plain square checkerboard. I plan on sampling the fuck out of this verse Teq in clab this year. Portal teqneek, and universally known as a biter line are my favorites here. Shoutout to Flex making me want to hit up the video real life leagues. Holy fuck and Teq you are officially unlistenable. I listen to just Flex and have to end the track. Die teq die!