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Reviews for "MadFleX vs Teqneek"

MadFLeX's punches:
-Nimbus carbon copy (obvious resemblance btw and I'm not saying he's a biter)
-didn't hang with john dean
-begging yall to give a fuck, teqsupport
-predictable flow
-teq on my shoulders
-portal technique

Teqneek has too much filler. "verbal terrorist, don't look away from a marvelous dude, miami cannibal, stick my dick down her windpipe etc." Nice lyrics and multis, but it was too much that was irrelevant to the battle and personals on Flex. MadFleX barely had any filler besides the first bar and probably like 3 other bars. I honestly thought this was one sided.
Props to Teq for going up against Flex and making this a good battle, but he bit off more than he can chew. Just being honest teq, don't hate me :(
Flex by TKO

AKACCMIOF responds:

Thanks for the breakdown!

You wanted feedback, Teq... what can I say?

My only criticism is that Flex went off beat toward the end of his verse. That's the only criticism I have for Flex: his disses were great, and pretty personal. Since there's no second verse for him to flip lines, his flips on Teq's name were very entertaining.

Teqneek man, you came harder than you've ever come before in a battle. Your punches were really good, your flow was on point. If I had one piece of advice, it'd be to change up your flow a little bit: all your battle raps seem to have "this / KIND of a FLOW" to them, where the first and fourth syllable of each phrase is emphasized.

Clarity and enunciation on both sides were very nice, AxTekk/AKACATTACK did a good job mixing both emcees fairly, and the disses were good from both sides.

This was way better than any of the CLABTRAP battles so far, I'm calling a tie.

AKACCMIOF responds:

Flex - 0
Teq - 0

Thanks for the detailed review! It's absolutely true, the middleman was insanely good. This would be nothing without him. MadFleX and Teqneek would be nothing without him.