Reviews for "Epic Platform Tutorial"

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clearly an epic tutorial, u might see a platformer from me soon!

Really cool

This is great, both this and the other tutorial are great, and it's creative how your character runs around while reading the directions. Very helpful. :) (Oh, and if you choose to reply to this, please don't tell me how and when you orgasmed, I don't need to know that XD)

TheShyGuy responds:

Glad you liked it! ;o!


not only that its probably very helpful, it has also a good song!

TheShyGuy responds:

Thanks!, glad it was helpful!


This tut is awesome!And BTW. you need to give instance name player not Player.Or else the vCam won't work.


I kept falling through the ground and because of your tutorial I found out that I never named the instances only the movieclips.
thanks man!