Reviews for "Epic Platform Tutorial"


You people just love getting enjoyment out of this stuff. It's just a nice preloader then it's just a screen where you can't even move and just somethings are near you. TERRIBLE.

TheShyGuy responds:

Aha i see you dont know how to move your character whilst playing?
WASD keys :D, sorry if i didnt make that clear enough :P.


I realy liked this way of creating a tutorial and actualy be able to see the result of what you could create with the tutorial
the only minority of this flash is that you can copy paste everything.
i'd be happier when you would have given a bit of explanation of how to use AS, and then just the basic stuff so that you can copy paste the more advanced things (maybe a tip for a new tut :) )

anyway thanks for this great tutorial (maybe you'll be seeing a game of mine soon xD )

TheShyGuy responds:

No problem!, cant wait for your game!


not only that its probably very helpful, it has also a good song!

TheShyGuy responds:

Thanks!, glad it was helpful!

Really cool

This is great, both this and the other tutorial are great, and it's creative how your character runs around while reading the directions. Very helpful. :) (Oh, and if you choose to reply to this, please don't tell me how and when you orgasmed, I don't need to know that XD)

TheShyGuy responds:

Glad you liked it! ;o!


I thought that the game part and the tutorial part of this were both awesome, and combining the two was so original, this was just plain AWESOME! keep up the good work.

P.S. i was able to use this right before my trial expired, so thats a plus!

TheShyGuy responds:

:D! im glad!