Reviews for "Epic Platform Tutorial"


Everything was great EXCEPT the V-Cam code didn't work, I'm using the AS2 and stuff but I dunno D=


go next to the wall, hold the up arrow and the left arrow.

Do-over, but still "okay"

Hey, I saw you removed your fisrt one and added another!

But still, the copy pasty element is there. It's pretty much the same, but I noticed other things.

1.First off, even though it's still copy pasty, I nothiced there were comments in the code to explain it, but nevertheless, those "script kiddies" won't stop and read, or even notice, the comments.

2. Kickin new game icon.

3. Shy Guy Preloader

That's about it!

Many flaws. I'll point a few out.

1. People don't want to play a game to copy code. They probably don't want to play a game to learn how to code, either.

2. This is AS2, make sure people know this. AS3 code is a lot different and has to be approached differently. AS1 code would also have to be dumbed down a bit, but most of your code would still work, thankfully.

3. I could not find the source code for your tutorial game. Source code is essential in the learning process, even if you already explain all the building block code and include bits and pieces of useful code, the 'player' still needs to understand best practices and how all the code fits together.

4. A lot of that filler space could be used to give players more info, Flash tips or even just links to other helpful tutorials. Instead, it just has random "EXTRAS" text and obtainable item objects. Maybe you could expand on that, though, and make a tutorial for inventories.


Luckily I already know a little about code so I fixed a few things that I consider to be bugs, but overall this helps A LOT. But for some reason my music wont play.
Do you think you could help me with this?