Reviews for "Make Your Own Cursor Tut"

Learned something new!

Hey! That was pretty good! It was short and pretty basic but you just thought us (well some of us, me anyways) how to make our very own custom cursors!
Maybe you could aim for some other types of tutorials of the like.

PowerfrogProductions responds:

Yeah, i might do masking next, make a series out of it or something. Glad you found it useful!


Thank you!! I made my own Naruto cursor, lol. This is a Great tutorial.

Good tutorial!

It's a pretty rounded out tutorial. Gives the info needed, tells what it's used for and all that. The only problem with it (and this is quite ironic really) is that the cursor disappears after you play the whole thing through.

All-in-all, great tutorial!

*mumbles* I'll need to remember this when I get flash...

PowerfrogProductions responds:

Oh, ermm, oops... Yeah, i can fix that... Just forgot to tell it to stop using other things as a cursor >_>
Oh the irony...


nice and simple, but very good to know

thank you =]

keep up the good work.