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Reviews for "Kyobi"

Lvl 22 = 132,000 Points

I got bored after 22 levels.

Good game though.


I don't normally like this kind of game...

But this, ROCKED. I don't get why more people don't submit things like this, it's simple, fun, challenging, and all of that with a microscopic filesize...As Bmnkk said, you should add a few power-ups, maybe some music, but overall...Perfect.

Nice game

I think it was a great game, cool cencept and smouth controls... But I got bored at lvl 40, so you might want to raise the difficulty a bit more as you progress... Just an idea

PhotonStorm responds:

I've got some other ideas for later levels, like adding in obstructions that you have to throw blocks around, or power-ups that can pause time / destroy colours. I do agree that after 40 levels it would be a bit repetitive, frankly I'm impressed you lasted that long, that makes me very pleased!


Good game, I got number 10 for the day wasn't experting that, not that hard

Great Game.

What a neat concept this game has. My only suggestion would be adding some powerups such as slow motion (time freeze), color change, or bombs...