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Reviews for "Kyobi"


well thak you iI just bored myself to death

PhotonStorm responds:

You can type from beyond the grave?

Shit, I'm impressed.

so boring..

but i played a while and suprisely reached rank3 in highscore. damn, too much spare time :(

Fantastic new take on the genre.

I personally played it more like an action game than a puzzler, frantically shifting lines to make new combos. Ultimately this got me to level 30 and 1,000,000 points and I'm not sure I could have made it there playing this like a strict puzzler, but it's nice to be able to approach it in several different ways.

Nice arcade style game!

I really did like this, however, it is a real pain trying to play this on a laptop without a mouse, not that its your problem. I loved the sound effects and the game was a good idea overall. 8/10.


I was surprised how well the game system works, how fair but challenging the gameplay got at the higher levels (made it to 22 at the first try) and how niceley players got rewarded when building long combos. You should realy expand that game to the "big style" because it has potential that makes tetris attack and collums pale in comparrison.
Great game and could entertain for days!

btw: A special bonus for "Air-Stacks" would be a nice addition ;)

PhotonStorm responds:

I'm taking notes for a sequel to this game, as I feel the "game mechanic" is worth expanding - and I love your "air stacks" idea! So thanks for that :)