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Reviews for "Kyobi"

A good puzzle game.....

A good puzzle game, it's strangly addictive, colurfull, but it could use more because it gets really repeitive after a while......still give ya props though.

I will rate it a 8

which is higher than the average...
but anyways...
I got a message that said incorrect embed something... so......
pm me when you get this finished and i will vote on it accordingly

PhotonStorm responds:

Yeah a small percentage of people are getting this, mostly Mac owners so far (are you?) - it's caused by the GameJacket wrapper and I've put a support request into them. I've also put a new version up which removes this check, and as soon as they approve it (hopefully tomorrow) the version here will update automatically. Will let you know.

Pretty good....

But, it gets boring really fast. Don't know what it could be, but you should add something REALLY new. Apart from that, it's a really good game. Love the dragging.

Not bad...

Interesting idea. My only complaint is a desperate need for music and a better physics sysytems. I want the blocks on top of the one I'm flinging to actually come off.

PhotonStorm responds:

Yeah the weight of all the blocks can get a bit compounded if there are too many, stopping them from flying off like you describe. With only a few blocks they fly for certain! I'll be sure to tweak this in future.

Nice work!

Definitely not the average match-3 game. I've never played one where you had to drag the pieces around, before. Nice job.

Though a bit more of a note on the controls would have been nice. Perhaps I didn't see it?