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Reviews for "Kyobi"


annoyingly addictive...but fun

For the love of god, man!

Either make a Wii homebrew of this piece, or at least use a flash version that is compatible with the Wii browser, please! I love the idea that the pieces are entirely freely mobile after they fall, but if you could move them around with the Wii remote, it would be perfect.


its an amazing game. i thought it might be horible with no effort put into it when i first seen its size but i was proven wrong

Very Good

I really liked it, it was very different of the games mentioned in your comment, and for once, its an original 3-Match. Bravo ! 10*

level 17

its a really good game!!
I think it would be cool if the blocks didnt balance on each other really well.
Meaning that cubes can tumble and such.