Reviews for "Searching for Happiness"


Son, you made an old man happy. (Nah, not really.) Great job! Short, but fantastic! Keep on going!

Very Good

I like this video man, considering it's your first animation and how good it is I give you my props and the music just went perfectly with the video.

aMONKEYonWEED responds:

Thanks man, i appreciate it =D

I loved it.

I don't know why but I really did like this.
The music went well with it, And nice ending.

aMONKEYonWEED responds:

Im glad you liked it, after all, i made it for all of you =D


it was really good it had a nice ending and a good choice in music i was wondering about the lines that followed him around everywhere i think you were putting lines that show speed but next time try to go without them unless the person is falling or going really fast

aMONKEYonWEED responds:

Ok, thanks , next time i will try to change where i put the lines a little bit, again, thank you for the advice =)

not bad

short and simple... keep working