Reviews for "Searching for Happiness"


Good stuff.
As I saw that this is your 1st animation, I am going to judge it very easily but hey, it is actually good. The music complemented with the flash quite well too.

aMONKEYonWEED responds:

Thank you, and im glad people liked the song, i think it captures the same emotion that i tried to put in my animation.

You can better

it is was really interesting but very shortly. good choise of music.

aMONKEYonWEED responds:

Thank you, and yeah, i know it is short, but next one will be longer.


needs some work, but this is ok.
detailing, and smoothness would really make this piece shine...
keep trying!

aMONKEYonWEED responds:

I certanly will =D

and hopefully my works will look better once i use a drawing pad.