Reviews for "GlueFO 2.0"

I really enjoyed this.

I died on Level 9 though :(
Fun game!

There is a lack of...

...originality in games today. But not here,..and not this game. Truly unique,..love it.


It was so addictive when I stopped playing my eyes hurt

squidsquid responds:


Happy april fools

Great g.@.me and Great Apr!l F00ls j0Ke Tom love the colors cant wait till i can play the real G@.mes tomoorow, crappy w0rd f!lter

Very nice

All my 10 are belong to you.

Only three requests I'd make:

1) When you earn two awards at once, an indication that you did so. I got Multi-Split 3 on the same shot as 25,000 points in Older Skool, and thought I didn't get it until I checked on the Awards screen.
2) Some kind of indication of when you earn an award while playing a challenge. I got Evil Combo 3 on the 30 evil GlueFOs challenge, and had to double-check on the Awards screen to make sure because there was no indication at the time that I'd gotten it.
3) NG Medals. It'll suck that I'll have to get all the awards again, but I definitely think it would be worth it.

Also, to people complaining about the time bonus not really counting because of an enemy taking his sweet time to appear, either level 11 or 12 (I'm pretty sure it's 12 - the dark green one if it's always the same colour order) has no evil GlueFOs, so you can pick up your time bonus awards on that one.

Anyone have any idea where that hidden award is? Or is it perhaps just acquiring the rest of them?