Reviews for "GlueFO 2.0"

Kinda fun

Well this one was kind of fun and it was more on the simple side of things and was entertaining enough to keep me going with no health upgrades. It seems like it could be hard but if you focus enough you could really make this work. And a big congrats on the awards won for this game that was well rewarded and it was a pleasure to review. My advice is at least ad one health upgrade but besides that this was a pretty good game kinda fun even if it was simple

Adding one health upgrade wouldn't hurt too much


liked it

decent enuff

Simple but awesome

In this case simple is good. The game is fun, isn't confusing, and is just about the right difficulty. Great job!

great game!!

i mean really awesome
could yuo add any medals?? thats would make it almost perfect

You did it again!

On first sight, this game didn't look like much. The graphics were pretty simplistic, and it didn't seem like it took much creativity. But it was so FUN!! I just loved collecting the little dots and firing at everything! What can I say? I enjoyed this very much.