Reviews for "GlueFO 2.0"

Space Invaders vs Asteriods

I quite liked this game something very simple to get into but very hard to master. It could have done with a few more upgrades and maybe even a way to recover health. I'll be playing this one again for sure.


this has got to be the most addicting game i have ever played.

has anyone but me noticed that the games that are really simple and old-school styled are extreemly addicting.

i was only able to turn this off because im a teenage boy and i got hungry,lol.

good game, favs

squidsquid responds:

Food is overrated ;)


I like it. The controls are easy, and the game, too. But I played some simmilar games who were better!


It was okay, good concept
I got bored pretty quickly though

Its missing something... I don't exactly know what...
but still, nice work on it ^^

I like it..

...but ultimately boring sadly.

it kept you occupied for a good 3-6 mins but after that was deminishing results.