Reviews for "GlueFO 2.0"

good, but bores

very good game, but it bores quicky..

yeah, i'm down

This is pretty cool. I liked the joke about subprime mortgages (zing!).

I think seeing a more graphically intense version of this would be cool, especially with a larger playing field. It seems like there isn't enough room to get really crazy with maneuvering, although i recognize that technically the tight quarters should require more maneuvering.

Quite fun

Had me playing for quite a while! The challenges were quite the best part. Good work!

Awesome controls!

Great idea, great execution!
It's basically an Asteroids clone, but the objects are the ammo. Nice concept.


yeah its good...
i just played it but after a wile i got bored... maybe just work a little bit on things like some a plott or addictive things