Reviews for "GlueFO 2.0"


Can't think of anything bad really. But a custom level maker would be bad ass xD


GlueFO 2.0(nice rhyme by the way) and nevermore 3 are the only good fames up this week

Good game

A really good game - the method of acquiring and using orbs as ammo is inspied! Also, the long list of achievements really gives th game longeveity which will have me coming back to it I'm sure! The only reason I am not scoring higher is because I would have liked to see a bit more diversity in the enemies and a few more upgrades for sale - you could even add in a purchasable tower that has a limited health and sucks in orbs and fires them out again in random directions (just a thought - but I'm sure other people will have better ideas :p). Overall though, great job and I look forward to GlueFO 3.0!

Fun game!

Awesome, but I think you should be able to buy extra lives in the upgrade menu, or at least use points to repair the ship.

Wow the economy's bad...

It's so bad aliens can't put lasers on space ships! Awesome game!