Reviews for "GlueFO 2.0"

Fun Game, Slightly Lacking

I enjoyed this game, however, i lost interest after a little while. The levels are pretty repetitive and the gameplay could be a little more complex. Oh, the upgrade system was nice but more would be better. Maybe a few unique upgrades to spice it up.

Oh, the bombs should have a cooldown or something... not just expendable.

Hopefully that's a little helpful criticism for GlueFO 3.0 or 2.5 or whatever. Thanks for the fun.

It was alright.

Nothing special.


how can u start

it was pretty good...

not the best though.

It was pretty good...

but the gameplay got a little.. hmm.. well simple i guess...
grab some orbs go to the middle of the screen and shoot
grab more orbs etc etc etc.
it was still well animated and scripted
i didnt find a single glitch