Reviews for "8-BIT Waterslide"


Great 8-pit piece of entertainment!
Wish the screen was larger but otherwise ...


Lol! This is so funny, the sounds are awesome. I want more from you, and... SUPER HYPER MEGA BOOSTPIPE! That was a great idea xP

Great Stuff

-The title had me at the get go, because I had no idea how one could pull it off. The amount of time and effort you needed to put into this entry must've been epic! I was laughing my ass off by the end, and I watched it four times before finally writing this.

-I always like seeing animation thats new and creative and full of effort, and this deffinately hits all three. One of the other reviewers had a point, the screen could have been larger, but from my end it was just too damn funny and well done. Keep it up, I hope for more from you like this in the future.


i'd do that wooooooot