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Reviews for "Pokemanze"

I thought

This was really really funny :), I like pokemon, and this just pointed out some of the flaws those commercial people just can't answer.

( I think the we can talk normal when people aren't around was from Robot Chicken)

Stalagmite responds:

It was inspired originally from robot chicken. i thought i would try to adapt the concept a bit more. i think robot chicken kinda sucks LOL.
I am glad it was funny though. i seriously thought it wasnt.
thanks a lot dude! :D:D:D i think a series is definite.

funny !

waiting for the special DP episodes today in Japan, i'm happy to find this little movie before. i hope you will make stuff with Psyduck and/or Wobbuffet. :D~~~

Stalagmite responds:

i have no idea what the heck a wobbuffet is lol. but psyduck is a defo. hes one of my favourite guys too! thanks for your support! :D:D:D


Definately affected the video quality, but not the quality of presentation, was fantastic.

May I ask, are you British? Your language seems very, English in nature.

Stalagmite responds:

LOL. hahahahaha!OMG! how do you know! i hope i am not misrepresenting my country as a bunch of sweary, sexually-confused, pelvic thrusting perverts. LOL. but no... we are really.
how can you tell! does my voice slip? or is it just the content... or the way i swear... my "U"s sound british lol. I MUST KNOW!
thanks for the hilarious review and score! rockin on yo! :D:D:D


you should make more of this and how do pokemon species survive 0_0

Stalagmite responds:

Muuhahahahah! i cant help but feel i am not required for these aniamtions to continnue! youo all seem to be coming up with the good ideas! lol.
i will certainly try all these different ideas out in a script. and who knows. maybe your idea will get lucky :D:D:D thanks dude. thanks alot :D:D:D