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Reviews for "Pokemanze"


I like how you did this. I really couldn't find anything wrong with it.

Stalagmite responds:

Nothing at all??? excellent! lol. you have no idea what that means to me! you are super kewl. thanks a lot dude! :D:D:D

Gnar skill brah

That was funny as ass.

HUGEEEEE improvement from your first flash.

You're gonna be a good artist on here.

Can't wait to see your stuff when you get flash studio.

Stalagmite responds:

Lol. thanks alot dude! really appreciate it! i am certianly working towards some good flashes. once i learn it LOL. my current one is anime studio. i have big plans though :D:D:D thanks for the support and the ten :D:D:D


I watched this acouple of times and really liked it
please make more :D

Stalagmite responds:

I am really pleased you are enjoying it so much! it is definate i will be making more. but firts i must learn flash! my current animation creation software sucks and uses up WAY to many mega bytes.
But i promise the second, although it may be a wait, will be worth it.
Bigger! longer! funnier! better!
thanks for your support and i appreciate the wicked score and comments.
you rock! :d:d:d

Pretty Funny. :)

Despite the language, I thought this was really funny. :) You animate really well too. Yeah. I used to wonder that too when I was younger. xD
Good stuff here. Heh, I used to use Anime Studio too for a little while, but I never was able to get the hang of it, and I discovered that Toon Boom was much better for animating in my style, but this is excellent quality. :) I've always loved Pokemon, so I like anything with Pokemon in it.. xD Alright then. *goes to watch you now*

Stalagmite responds:

haha, yeah sorry about the language. only my target audience is the kind who watch south park lol. sorry if any offended you. and toon boom i was learning toom boom the other day, but it didnt click quite like anime did for me. Also i cant beliee their is someone else out their who knows that anime studio is! lol. apparently no one else does!
Hahaha... thanks for this splendid little review. Also if you decide you want to participate in the next episode of the series, you wont have any lines that you consider to be harsh. although other people will.
again it is your choice to be involved... thanks again chicken! take care :D:D:D

this is a hilarious loophole in the pokemon world
great art and voice acting
5 stars for a hole load of weedle