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Reviews for "Pokemanze"


Although I commend you for the well done graphics, the whole plot was very dry. The writing was poor and the jokes were stupid and ill-timed. The voice acting was also grating on my ears. If you're going to make a high-pitched voice, make a voice actress do it, not some guy talking in a falsetto.

Stalagmite responds:

thank you for your positive comment on the graphics. i agree the plot and writing was lacking... i have no experience in writing and this is my first official submission. so i think i deserve a break lol.
I think in all fairness JOKES are what you make them.. everyone else thought it was funny, so i guess the target audience i am aiming at it satisfied. the voice acting... it is also one of my first performances for the public. i have no voice training or anything. and think my range is quite acceptable given my lack of experience and training. you could get a woman to do it. but why does it matter? is it meant to be taken that seriously.... my hobby?
I think you are either offended by this flash... or by something i have said in one of my reviews. I am sorry if i have offended you... i have apologised GENUINELY if that is the case. but can i review your review? and just say... you dont have to put it so tactlessly. you can upset a lot of people by being so blunt and clumsy.
work on the execution of your reviews. and dont come down like a ton of shit bricks on something they spent time and effort to create.
thank you for your review. i will take the limited helpful information from it, and work on it.


wow... umm... I'm going to tell you honestly this was horrible...
the graphics were great even in bad quality but whaaat?
two pokemon sitting and talking.... that sounds familiar....
I'm pretty sure you took this from robot chicken...(concept not jokes)
you even used the same pokemon not to mention the jokes were badly timed
the jokes werent that great to me.... and you made it quite pointless just two pokemon talking bout how the cant do it without private parts and added swear words (I know it should be funny but you put it in a way that it isnt)
then after the (sadly boring) two minutes they were going to a concert (yay this means no more sitting/talking I THOUGHT) then you waited 10 seconds in silence untill the screen went black and it replayed so I must say quite dissappointing
hopefully when you do learn flash you can actually DO its sequels more funny with more stuff.... voice acting wasn't even funny or great...
oh and in the description you spelled finished wrong.. I think... idk
anyway hope to see better -colit12 review guy

Stalagmite responds:

okay. right... thank you very much for your criticisms. i must apologise for the absence of loading bars, start buttons and the poor ending. really i am sorry about that, but it couldnt be helped. i do mention it... in the comments.. and about thirty other reviews lol. i appreciate that you have watched the whole movie as well as write this big review really. thanks dude. all i can say about the whole robot chicken thing is yes... it is an adapted concept of that, i have already said that. and i am not ashamed to admit it. but the world is running short on comedy. and unfortuantely i am not a comic genius. lol. i agree that the execution of the poorly constructed jokes is a weakness to the entire foundation of the concept.
but i think that the idea of two pokemon discussing sex.. was low brow. cheeky, and irregular. i think it is an interesting twist on what seth green did. i understand it is difficult to see anything more than swear words and sex jokes in this... but for some that is all you need. it is not clever or witty. because I AM not that kind of person. i am simple. funny is as funny does. this is my humour. and i share it with like minded people.
I am sorry you dont fit into that category. and i am sorry i can not adapt to meet the needs of yours. i will be trying all the time to improve. even to impress the less tactful or sensetive critics. and i will appreciate the reviews then as much as i do now.
thank you for your patience, time and comments. please PM me if you need to discuss anything else.

Animation is good

It would be nice to have it play the whole way through. how about a preloader?

Stalagmite responds:

I did mention the preloader. i am aware of it. LOL. and it plays through for me and others? i dont understand why your computer would not respond as well as others? Thanks for the compliment. and sorry if you couldnt watch it all.

Well, that certainly was original.

I have definitely never heard those jokes about Pokemon before, your material is A-grade man, seriously. That shit was the tops! I laughed so hard man, wow. I mean, I never noticed they only ever say their names!

Oh, and the smoking weedle thing, that was so wrong man, I can't believe you made joke about drugs on the internet! :O

Stalagmite responds:

score is irrelevant. Scenario is irrelevant. you cancelled out your opinion when you pushed the "bad attitude button" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!