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Reviews for "Pokemanze"

Excellent job!

Lol. That was actually very good!

Both squirtle and the indian phone-line guy were excellent.

Too bad that it ended so soon (and abruptly: no fade out as you said).

I'd definitely want to see MOAR.

Good job Stalag. It was well worth the wait... I guess I won't unleash the sodomizing power of Pornomon at you after all ;o)


Stalagmite responds:

Perhaps i am the one holding the gun in this situation good sir! for i am the pokemaster! and i may just release my clone army of pornomons upon YOU! in the next episode... perhaps.... LOL

Thanks so much for your support. i am pleased you want ot see more to! i thought it would suck the big one, but i am quite surprised at the response.
My next project isnt pokemanze. but i will be expanding in the series i think.
Thanks for your kind words and support dude! as always... you rock! :D:D:D


You should learn flash and remake this longer. Did you get the Idea from robot chicken with Picachu and squirtle?

Stalagmite responds:

LOL. i certainly was inspired by seth greens works. although i hate RC. lol.
the scenario... pokemons secret habits and true face was the basic concept. i merely worked off of that concept too. pikachu and squirtle was just a coincidence. i cant do any other pokemons voices LOL. squirtle is the best one. :D:D:D thanks for the awesome score dude!

It's better than shapes and letters! =O

My review, however, is lower, because this animation wasn't meant to be like the simple "shape" trend, so my expectations were higher. There's a few things I want to comment on. Pikachu's voice isn't high enough. I realize there are other Pikachus in the world, but they all register in a higher tone. Also, your telemarketer should have reached higher tones, or speak faster, when he was screaming at Pikachu. Finally, the animation was great, but the drawings weren't perfect replicas.

That's me being a harsh critic. The first two critiques, however, are hopefully helpful for you, since you aspire to become a voice actor. The third is me being evenly harsh.

The Pikachu joke, being at the beginning, caught me off guard. The weedle joke made me laugh harder than I should have, because the pun wasn't that great (but still great). Squirtle saying his name over and over again was a little strange, but it was to help deliver your next jokes, which brought my opinion back up. Pikachu mentions words and phrases that "beat around the bush", then says "fuck". It was a great deliverance of the classic joke formula for surprise. Pikachu mentioning how they don't have phallic objects, however, made me feel geeky, because I wanted to reply with, "all pokemon are born from eggs, so it's through fertilization and not insemination." Then I realized that: 1) not all species with eggs proliferate through fertilization, like fish 2) no one would care.

I really wish it faded out, because it was awkward seeing them staring after wanting to see a concert. I pictured it though, realizing it was the end, which made me realize another joke attempt, from going somewhere insane and almost taboo to something calm and acceptable, the other formula for a surprise. It also needs a play button.

I have my aura as "dark" for the very reason of my strange criticism/critiques. I still sincerely loved this. As my review's "summary" says, this is better than shapes and letters. They're still both worth watching. I wouldn't want to see this as a series, only so you can develop into other areas and not remain constant with your voices. Your work is great though, and a series wouldn't be bad at all. You should join the Voice Acting Guild (I hope that that's the right title, lol). I'm sure it would help get you some attention, and it should also get your flashes noticed more. To be honest, this could compete with a lot of the front pagers, but most of them just have fame behind them (meaning there really -are- a lot of people on Newgrounds with unnoticed works, like yours).

Stalagmite responds:

arent you shocked that i responded to this last! lol. OMG! man!
you are really getting into the whole critique thing! it is great that you have taken all of this time and effort. and so i give you an extra special thank you. :D:D:D

kk. so pikachus voice. is actually voiced by a japanese lady. and unfortunately unless i remove my testicles i wont be doing higher voices to soon lol. the indian guy kind of sucked yeah lol. sorry bout that. it was the only bit i rushed though. the drawings certainly are not exact. because my style has influenced them. the weedle joke was corny but apparently its a joke not done yet. lol. so thats achievement in itself i guess :D and yeah. this isnt science weekly lol. i was just trying to exploit their unusual ability to reproduce asexually. lol. Also... you must love your pokemon!
i wish it faded out to. but the programme was non resposive to effects.

I am making a series. but the popularity are the reason. that doesnt give me excuse to go lame on everyones ass. this is my first "official" animation that isnt for a crew or crappy. i worked hard on this. and will not submit something unless i am sure it is worthy of submission. i guess i had it right this time lol.

I already part of the voice acting club. and the community their is lovely.
you sir... are an epic reviewist. AND YOU ROCK. thanks so much for taking the time to write the review. i really appreciate it. well done dude! and thanks! you helped me get daily third as much as anyone else! :D:D:D
take care.

pika pikachu

i said my name is fucking pikachu dumbass!!!

Stalagmite responds:

thanks for the comment and score! WOWZA! i hope that bit caught you off guard LULzzz:D:D:D

Oh lawdy ma childhoodz

This thing made me nostalgiate....
Voice acting was really good,and its downright endearing.
The whole thing felt natural and the characters had some life and personality in them.

First time ive seen something good and non aggressive in a while

Plus the ghandi hangup made me laugh.
9/10 because its awesome but only almost perfect,close but not perfect.

First time ive seen something good and non aggressive in a while

Stalagmite responds:

thanks for the compliment! i can always see alot wrong with it, so totally see where your coming from. it was non aggresive, its not really my nature to make heavy stuff lol. just light hearted easy watching.
meh TV. i like to call it. :D:D:D
thanks alot for your review, and awesome score. its all appreciated! :D:D:D