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Reviews for "Pokemanze"

Pretty good mate

The humor was fairly funny, and the animation was smooth. Plus the design is much better then something on the front page *cough beast snacks cough cough* It should have been longer, but that's the only small problem with it.

Stalagmite responds:

thank you so much. i wasnt even too sure about this animation until i got the responses.
the length is bad i know. i certainly am working on making it longer now! and hopefully more eventfull. like having them walk around instead of being lazy.
and front page? wow man. LOL. that would be awesome. but i think some other peeps are more likely than me to get it. i dont mind. this is my first official animation so i am not too fussed.

That was really cool.

Lots of stuff i didn't expect. The pikachu thing at the start. The... weedle snorting. It was good humour. I hope you do more. Thanks for a laugh.

Stalagmite responds:

lots of reviews! lol. all my time replying! i am knackered!
i am glad it was enjoyable for you!
i did try to make it a little funny. and not just rely on the unusuality of the situation.
thanks alot for your input! it is really appreciated!

hah wow i laughed

this to me is the good honest humor you get when you hang out with friends. great job, hope you do more flashes

Stalagmite responds:

i will certainly try! lol. this was done using anime studio. but i am learning flash soon. i am quite limited by anime studio.
and i am glad you could relate to this. really appreciate the review and score dude. :D:D:D thanks.


lol i will never look at pikachu and squirtle the same way again lol!!!

Stalagmite responds:

oh... their are many more ways to see them in the future... how about a threesome with jiggly puff? LOL.
thanks dude. :D:D:D

Squirtl sais lol.

Hah absolutely loved it. For some reason i always fall for dialogues involving uhm.. reproducting and stating obvious points. I just LOVE your animation style. Every second there were things happening, facial expressions changing, jesticulations ( did i spell that word right?). The dialogue imo isnt dumb imo. It feels like perfectly normal conversation to me.

Shame though it would have been hilarious if you made one were picatchu saw someone having sex and then tried to explain it to squirtel.

bleh oh well.. Goodjob! ^^


Stalagmite responds:

thanks alot dude. i think for some people it is difficult to understand things dont NEED to be anything. sometimes spam tv is all you need LOL.
I am really pleased you enjoyed this animation-type-thingy lol. and i will be making more cartoons in the future. thanks for adding it to your favs. :D:D:D you rock!