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Reviews for "Pokemanze"


it was pretty damn funny. But your like the only person on newgrounds i know that uses anime studio lol.

pretty good

Stalagmite responds:

its good to be different i guess! flash is much better i agree. and i should learn to use it! i really should. i guess i am just comfortable using the software i have. I am definately learning flash though. i am sure it is going to be much more flexable.
thanks for your awesome vote and score. :D:D:D

Pretty funny stuff man!

I havent used anime studio before, but it looks alot harder to use than flash.
Id be happy to teach you some stuff in flash or do a movie with you. Hit me up if interested.
Great job on the toon by the way.

Stalagmite responds:

sounds smart man! i will add you some how lol. i have lots of ideas. and i am going to learn flash soon. no problem. you will b the first i come too. no problem. :D:D:D
thanks for the awesome score! :D:D:D yayness!

Pikachu has a point there.

How do they..do it? and why do they all have eggs? There aren't any mammals among pokemons?

Stalagmite responds:

LOL. to many questions unanswered. so many threads left unwoven. thank GOD! lol. because i would end up without any material.
you are the great pokeman philosopher! lol. the original poka-dexter LOL.. :D:D:D
you are groovy. thanks alot for your wicked philosophies and for taking the time to review and score my work. lol. you rock. :D:D:D

very good

looks like the drawings weren't made on flash, or were jpg images, nothing realy important.

But i suggest that you put a preloader next time. Here in newgrounds you can find some, just copy and paste.

Good job!! =)

Stalagmite responds:

lol. i am sorry about the absence of a preloader. but to answer all your questions: i use anime studio. a different more clear imaging programme, that does not respond to flash up loads like pre loaders or start buttons. it renders in extremely high quality. that is why i had to compress it so much.
no worries though. i am learning flash. and will be working hard to impress you all once more! :D:D:D
thanks alot take care.

Seriously, I lol'd

Had to log in to rate this one, it was brilliant! Great job.
... Squirtle says lol... (that was the best imo ;))

Great voices, seriously. As you said yourself, visual quality could have been better but it didn't bother me much. You already stated earlier you are gonna make this into a series, I can only agree!
I'll be keeping an eye out for the next one!

Stalagmite responds:

wow! lol. thanks for going to the effort dude! legend! the squirtle is my favourite pokemon! :D:D:D and i already have voice actors, script writers to collab with for the next production. I can wait! it is going to be my best yet! and i hope you like it! :D:D:D
thanks alot for your enthusiasm and support dude! absolutely legend! :D:D:D