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Reviews for "Pokemanze"


Love the Indian dude, tech support for windows does suck, and the whole bed bumping part, pure greatness. Love to see more!
Drew says LOL!

Stalagmite responds:

yayness! i am glad you enjoyed it. I watched it and just couldnt help but notice how shitty i felt it was.
well... i am definately getting flash. thanks for your support and interest in this project! it is what kept me going!
thanks again. :D:D:D and if i need help with flash! lol. you get the burden of being the first asked MUHAHAHAH!

Dude, your a beast!

Finally they make an awesome pokemon joke
thats actually good! nice job man,
you just completed my life, haha.
I bet this is going right to the front page!

Stalagmite responds:

you know. i really wish it does! lol. i am concerned about the quality and the annoying absence of the play button or loading signal. i would love for that to happen! lol. fingers crossed x!

but yeah... i tried to execute a joke that HASNT been done yet lol. and its difficult on NG. thanks for your input and wicked score! i have checked out your stuff before! it is a small world-wide-web. lol. :D:D:D thanks.


This is a very funny video!

Stalagmite responds:

thanks guys! realy appreciate the input! i will be making more. :D:D:D


I hope you make a second episopde of this it was funny as hell

Stalagmite responds:

hah... yeah i am defintaley working on that. i have voice actors and script assistance to aid me in the procces. that will hopefully help it be funnier, and much more interesting to watch :D:D:D
thnaks for the glorious ten! yay!

hah wow i laughed

this to me is the good honest humor you get when you hang out with friends. great job, hope you do more flashes

Stalagmite responds:

i will certainly try! lol. this was done using anime studio. but i am learning flash soon. i am quite limited by anime studio.
and i am glad you could relate to this. really appreciate the review and score dude. :D:D:D thanks.