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Reviews for "Pokemanze"

Love it

That was great, funny too.
"The salesmen was funny aswell. "Do not hang up you.....((Not going to spil it))
Most definetly should have a series and good luck on future flash =D

Stalagmite responds:

thanks so much for your support Sonic Shadow silver! wow. kewl name. i am considering a sonic cartoon actually :D:D:D
i will certainly bring out the second of the series buddy! i am going to work on it in a couple of days with a partner hopefully. and thanks for the good luck. both appreciated and needed. :D:D:D


You should learn flash and remake this longer. Did you get the Idea from robot chicken with Picachu and squirtle?

Stalagmite responds:

LOL. i certainly was inspired by seth greens works. although i hate RC. lol.
the scenario... pokemons secret habits and true face was the basic concept. i merely worked off of that concept too. pikachu and squirtle was just a coincidence. i cant do any other pokemons voices LOL. squirtle is the best one. :D:D:D thanks for the awesome score dude!


good job exploiting their cuteness, pretty funny, i would definately like to see a sequel.

Stalagmite responds:

excellent. i will work my ass off for you then good sir! thanks alot for your positive input! its really making my day! :D:D:D

Weedel & LOL

That was well & truely great dude, im jelous.

Stalagmite responds:

awwww. (sympathy touch) awwwwww... LOL. its kk. i am here to help should you need assistance with anime studio. and besides why are you jealous? the next project i am doing is 100 times more epic, graphic. and your are the concept artist for it. Naaa.. you cool bro. thanks for the review and vote! :D:D:D

make a good point

i don't know what was better, weedel or pikachus views on procration, but no matter what it was a one of the funnyest pokemon movies i have seen

Stalagmite responds:

I am really pleased you enjoyed it dude!/ess! the weedle joke was my favourite, and propably the only good one in their. although i did spend a lot of time getting pikachus pelvic thrusts just right lol.
thanks for your input! :D:D:D