Reviews for "Pokemanze"

You have to make a series of this!

Awesome animation
Awesome audio
Awesome Story
Awesome verything

Stalagmite responds:

no problem! i have already begun planning the second episode. thanks for the "awesome" moral boosting review lol. people like you make it worth the time. :D:D:D

pika pikachu

i said my name is fucking pikachu dumbass!!!

Stalagmite responds:

thanks for the comment and score! WOWZA! i hope that bit caught you off guard LULzzz:D:D:D

Loved it

The facial expressions we're hilarous and the character design was also great,the voice acting was outstanding plus the script was also really good,overall i thought this was one of the funniest Pokemon parodies i've seen,excellent job.

Stalagmite responds:

OMG lol. wow. i worked very hard on the jokes, facial expressions and the body language, simply because i knew they would be just sat on the grass. they needed to be more appealing and have something worth watching. i worked hard at this and appreciate the time and effort you took to watch it. :D:D:D thanks.


Don't worry about the crap reviews. MAKE MORE. I was just getting into it and it was over...

Stalagmite responds:

aw! sorry dude. i am making the longer second episode. hopefully with MOBILE pokemanze this time. :D:D:D thanks for the vote and score and comment:D:D:D


The jokes seem a bit overdone, and it gets kind of lame at points. Good effort, though. It could have been worse.

Stalagmite responds:

I have never written comedy before. and i think i did ok for my first official animation. (shapes and letters dont count lol. its shitz) and i would agree with the effort bit. it took me days to get it to where it is now. i definately need diverse opinions and nice varied scores. thanks for taking the time to watch it and review.